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In the Legion, I learned how respect, reverence, discipline is created and also how the traditions that hold it so firmly and indestructibly together are maintained. All this adds incredible strength and energy, which forms cohesion and its background. By showing respect to the elderly and veterans, we show that we are not only here for ourselves, but above all we are here for others. I know that I was given the opportunity to participate in something useful. It is also true in the legion that not even a dog barks at individuals, but the team and especially the entire foreign legion is like one big family that can always deal with all the negative aspects, taking the positive and beneficial ones as normal.

After my graduation from the ranks of the Foreign Legion, it was my dream to continue with this legacy in the civilian space as well. I intend to use my past as a basis for the future and consciously live in today. I thought of starting the IAODG company already at the end of my time in the ranks of the Foreign Legion, that was in 2006. I had everything ready: the name of the company, the presentation on the website and also the journey with the gained experience, which I would like to pass on to the civilian sector.
From the very beginning, the IAODG has found values ​​in the history of the Foreign Legion, and today, according to its words and actions, it is trying to show and implement the real missing path for the majority of decent citizens of this country of ours. The IAODG does not look left or right (meaning the political left or right), it follows its own path and sticks to it. We can support political entities that strive to apply the principle of freedom, democracy, social justice, equal opportunities, solidarity and responsibility for development through parliamentary and direct democracy, in respecting the legal order and protecting our rights and freedoms of all of us. We support entities whose members are willing to actively participate in the development of our lifestyle - in the development of the culture of work, the culture of free time and human relationships.

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